Why does nearly everyone in your life treat you like you've got some terrible disease because you're single? And even worse, why do you treat yourself like that too??


So many TV shows, magazine articles and well-meaning colleagues reinforce the message that you'll only be happy when you meet someone. No wonder you feel bummed and like there's something defective in you.

WTF?! It's the 21st century and yet women are still viewed as incomplete if they don't have a partner by their side. Who cares that you've got a career that you're killing it in, or that you've traveled the world or that you've got great friends? It seems that if you don't have "the one", nothing else matters.

Screw. That.

None of us can predict when we'll meet someone we really connect with. So how about we take the pressure off ourselves and start working on being happy and whole. This is the place where we do the work.

I believe that it's time to bust these messages that we've been receiving our whole lives and start writing a new script about what it means to be a single woman.

How amazing would it be to start embracing this one and precious life and stop waiting around for another person to complete you? It's time to stop buying into the nonsense that you're nobody until somebody loves you.

Because, you know what?

  • There is nothing wrong with you!
  • Life is way too short to waste a minute of it
  • You deserve to be happy now - you don't have to wait until you find someone

Whether you want to be single, whether you're looking for someone, or maybe you're undecided - it's time to stop putting your life on hold!

It's totally possible for you to make shifts that will result in you feeling more confident than you ever have and to discover a new passion and excitement for your life. It takes time and it takes work and sometimes we need a little help to make it happen.

That's where I come in! I'm Alisha Morgan, personal development coach and creator of Reverie Realized


I offer one-on-one coaching for single women who are tired of feeling like something is wrong with them and who are ready to find happiness while they are single in what can often feel like a couples' world.

Day in, day out, we're made annoyingly aware of the downsides of being single (oh hello unsolicited advice, terrible set-ups, and assumptions that you have nothing but free time on your hands).

What many of us have been blind to are the amazing possibilities that singlehood presents as well. I want to help you discover that:

  • You have a unique opportunity to examine your life and ask yourself what you want and why
  • You have the chance to grow as a person
  • You have the freedom to create a life that excites you and that is fun and filled with amazing experiences

This isn't about being an "independent woman" who doesn't need a relationship nor is it about making yourself better and therefore more attractive to the partner of your dreams. It's about doing single happier. It's about you getting to really know and love yourself and being fired up and excited for NOW!

ladies, it's time to shine!

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