My goal is to chat with 100 single women to discuss firsthand the experience of being a single gal in the 21st century.

Society has been sending us some pretty strong messages about what it means to be a successful, happy woman and a lot of that centers around finding "the One". Singlehood is treated like some kind of disease.

Everywhere you turn, some movie, magazine article or acquaintance reminds you that if you haven't found someone yet, you're some kind of failure and you end up feeling like something must be wrong with you.

I know that I've experienced this in my life and I would really have appreciated having someone to help me through those dark days of feeling miserable and unwanted. That's why I now coach single women who are struggling to navigate these often murky waters of enjoying life to its fullest even if they haven't found someone yet.

As part of my ongoing work, I want to chat with 100 single women to hear about your experiences of being single. What do you absolutely love about it? What are your biggest challenges? How has your confidence been impacted by being single? What funny or not so funny stories would you like to share?

The more I learn about what it feels like for other single women, the better I'll be at being of service to support women with what they really that programs, workshops or other content.

I truly believe that if women change the way they view the time that they are single, we can start to change those cultural messages and not have our happiness depend mainly on our relationship status.

So many single women feel alone. Many of your friends are married and are having kids. You often feel like nobody gets it and you feel like you can't talk to anyone about this stuff. But not true, you've got me!


Rest assured...these chats will be just that. Straight up girl talk. No hidden agenda. No undercover sales pitch. I simply want to have some great conversations with some wonderful people.

I would love to talk with you so please click here to access my schedule and book your 30-minute chat with me!

xo Alisha