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Whether you've recently come out of a relationship or you've been single for a while, you've probably noticed that it isn't always easy to feel confident as a single person in what often seems to be a couples' world.

I hear you! A few years back, I was really struggling with being single and with my confidence. I set out to discover how exactly I could be more confident. It was so frustrating that everyone I turned to for advice simply said things like, "just be more confident", "believe in yourself" or "fake it 'til you make it". Nobody could provide me with the actual steps for accomplishing this daunting feat that they made sound so easy.

This wasn't enough for me. I knew that I needed to dig deeper. So I read books, took courses, researched online, went on a retreat, got coaching and did some serious soul-searching. I got the answers that I was looking for, but this process took years!

I believe that it should be a lot easier for people to get the support they need to build their confidence so I decided to compile my 10 favourite strategies and tips that I've learned into a guide for all you confidence seekers.

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