Silly Adults, Dreams Are For Kids

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a question that kids are constantly asked. They dream up amazing jobs, adventures and plans for the future. They don't focus on how realistic or attainable these dreams are, they just know they want them.

Some of us decided to pursue our childhood dreams and have worked towards the vision we had as kids. Some of us decided that our childhood plans were unrealistic, unattainable or undesirable and chose to take other, seemingly more reasonable, paths. Regardless of how we got here, many of us are going along a path that we decided to take years ago.

This is all good if that path brings us joy, fulfillment and growth. But what if it doesn't? Many of us are sort of stuck in a rut. Our jobs, relationships and self-esteem may not be horrible, but they may not be great either. Maybe we don't feel much passion, excitement or fun in our daily lives. We just keep plugging away. What right do we have to complain? Things could be so much worse. Basically...First World problems! Not that long ago, I felt this way. I have to say, it felt pretty awful. I just couldn't see a way out. Consciously or not, I had made choices about who I was, what I did and the way I lived. I made my bed, so in it, I had to lie. Or so I thought...

I now realize that we get to hit the RESET button! Instead of continuing down a path that doesn't make you happy, stop for a bit, look around you and check things out. One of the foundation principles of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) illustrates this so beautifully: "Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that's who you want to be." Seriously, how amazingly freeing is that?! I LOVE it. Just because we decided to be a certain way or do a certain thing years ago or even a day ago doesn't mean we're locked in. We have permission to re-evaluate our lives and make changes right now.

I'm not sure why, but adults aren't afforded the luxury that kids are to let our imaginations run wild and ignore doubts and limitations. As a kid, dreaming was fun, but now it seems kind of scary and downright impractical with an air of entitlement. But I say, let's make it fun again! I'm not suggesting that we can just sit here and come up with all these crazy desires for our lives and just hope that they magically come true. But I completely believe that suspending fear and limitations for a bit and allowing ourselves to really dream about what we want is a crucial first step for later mapping out the practical steps which are required to actually get us there. One of my favourite quotes, from Victor Hugo, speaks to this: "There is nothing like a dream to create the future."

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd have my own business, create a website on my own (I'm SO not techy...ask my friends!) and I definitely never thought I'd be blogging. Yet here I am, writing my very first post on my very own website for my business. You see, that's the thing about dreaming - you have no idea where it will take you.

I know you haven't been asked this in a while, but who and what do you want to be now that you're grown up?