Dear Single Lady

Dear Single Lady,

I've become much more aware of how the desire for a partner comes not just from a fundamental human need for connection and love, but it's amplified by societal and cultural messaging.

These messages we receive about what it means to be a successful adult human female typically involve a partner at our side and often a baby in our arms.

I feel that society does not celebrate single women nor speak to the nuances of our experiences. I want to celebrate you and bring the nuances of the single experience to light. So I've decided to share my thoughts in letters to you, my lovely single friends. I want to share a different perspective with you - hopefully a more positive one that doesn't feel so heavy. Yet I also want to keep it real, because it does sometimes feel heavy...

When our lives don't match up with societal expectations, we often create negative stories about ourselves and our lives. I want you to know that nothing is wrong with you. In fact, the more you become your truest you, things just get so much better. I want us to share ideas and generate discussions. Each letter will have a different topic, but the ultimate intention is the one I've just shared with you.

I really hope that you will comment with your thoughts, ideas and experiences. That way I won't feel like I'm talking to myself ;) So look out for my next letter!