I Feel Pretty

I recently watched the movie ‘I Feel Pretty’ on Netflix. Nobody is more shocked than me that this movie would have me reflecting on it and then writing a post about it!!

SPOILER ALERT If you haven’t seen the movie yet and you plan to, you may want to stop reading now. Just bookmark this post and come back and continue reading as soon as you’re done watching ;) The quick synopsis is: Amy Schumer’s character feels totally unattractive at the start of the movie. She believes that the fact that she’s not pretty is the reason why she’s single and why she has an unfulfilling, behind the scenes job in a company where she’d rather be more visible. She then sustains a head injury in spin class where she gets knocked out. When she wakes up, she looks exactly the same to the audience, but she sees herself as now being GORGEOUS…she believes she’s got the face and the body she’s always wanted. And boy is she loving it! She’s got so much swag in her step and she feels unstoppable. She finds a great boyfriend, has another hot guy interested in her, and she lands her dream job. Again, she thinks it’s because she’s now hot but the audience knows that’s not why.

The real reason is that she changes her story. She looks exactly the same. But because she sees herself differently, she believes that certain opportunities and possibilities are now open to her and her behaviour changes accordingly. Because she shows up differently in her life, her circumstances change dramatically. Granted, there was some major Hollywood oversimplification happening here, but really this is what the Law of Attraction, energy and self-fulfilling prophecies are all about!

When we buy into our own limiting stories so wholeheartedly, we put a cap on our potential and on what is possible for us. Ask yourself, in how many areas and aspects of your life have you placed a limit on yourself? Maybe it’s conscious, but likely it’s unconscious. What story have you been telling yourself about why you can’t do something or why you can’t be a certain way or have certain things? And how do you know that your story is true? What would be possible in your life if you stopped believing that story? What would happen if you believed a better, more empowering story?

We are sometimes (oftentimes!) the barrier that stands in the way of us getting what we want in life. Just like Amy Schumer’s character, one of my oldest, most ingrained disempowering stories has been that I’m not pretty. I can look back and see how many aspects of my life have been impacted by this one story. I’ve had my own ‘I Feel Pretty’ moments where I change my attitude about things and I can actually see how life starts to unfold differently. The trouble is, it’s sometimes hard to keep remembering the new story as the old one is so ingrained. Once I slip back into my old thoughts and behaviours, just like in the movie, the spell is broken and my life circumstances revert back to the same old. It takes constant focus and intention to nurture the new story.

Some may play devil’s advocate and say that they don’t want to lie to themselves or they’re just being honest with themselves. But the truth is, who’s to say that your current story is even “true”?? It is your current reality because you believe it, but if your belief shifted, maybe other things would shift as well!

If the stories that you’re currently telling yourself are keeping you stuck in a box or in a rut, I invite you to start telling some new ones.