Just like that, 2017 is almost over! If you're like me, the year seemed to have flow by and at times, I was just along for the ride. Looking back, I see that I didn't really have a clear vision for the year. As a result, despite some good times and achieving some goals, I feel like I left a lot on the table.

So I want to start 2018 off with clear intentions, positive energy and excitement about the year to come! I couldn't think of a more fun and interactive way to do this than with another Instagram challenge :)


If you're interested in being intentional about your vision for 2018 and if you want accountability around your vision (ie. all your Instagram followers!) then register for the Reverie Realized New Year Challenge on Instagram.

The challenge will run for 5 consecutive days - January 1-5, 2018. You'll share a post on Instagram each day according to the topic of the day. Once you register for the challenge, you'll receive a detailed email with all of the instructions and with details on the topic for each day.

Join me in kicking 2018 off right!



Registration will close on January 1, 2018