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Summer 2016 was a tough one for me. It left me in major need of some TLC. So I decided to use the month of September to heal and get back on my feet. I "coined" the term Self-Care September and thought I'd share what I was up to on Instagram. I quickly discovered that my bright idea was not an original one...Self-Care September was already a thing!

In any case, I continued with it and this year, I want to do it again and I invite all of you to join me! I've created a 5-day Instagram challenge that will allow us to focus on ourselves and start putting some good self-care practices in place.

You may be asking yourself why you should join in with me. Here are some (of the many!) reasons:

  • You're tired, stressed and stretched too thin and you want to work on finding some balance or relaxation
  • There are some areas of your life that you haven't paid as much attention to as you'd like and this challenge would provide a great opportunity to focus on those areas
  • You want to hold yourself accountable (having to share daily on Instagram will do that for you!)
  • You like the idea of not doing this alone and being part of a community
  • You love Instagram and this provides the perfect excuse to post more ;)

Whatever your reasons may be, I would love for you to join me starting September 11, 2017! 

You've got this!