You've heard what I have to say. Here are what some of the people I've worked with have to say about working with me.


“Working with Alisha is a smart investment! To have the feeling of someone in your corner, supporting and encouraging you is very motivating for change. Alisha’s curiosity and ability to ask the right questions really makes you see, and question, your own self-limiting beliefs that you had firmly held as truth before. This is a great and necessary catalyst for change and growth.” ~ Jessica Domoney

"Alisha was fantastic! I had done a few introductory chats with other life coaches and couldn't seem to find the perfect fit. But the minute I talked to Alisha I immediately felt comfortable and felt as if I wasn't talking to a stranger.

I had issues with my confidence and I realized my life was dependent on other people and their happiness. I wasn't living my full authentic life, as I was constantly looking towards others for happiness and acceptance. The most beneficial part of coaching was being able to talk to someone who didn't know me and have any bias.

Alisha helped me with confidence, personal growth and development and allowed me to find a way to live my own life and not live under the shadows of others. She worked with me and understood my goals and my process. She was a great coach for me and helped me at a point in my life where I was hitting my low. I would highly recommend Alisha!" ~Rohini Talwar

"When Alisha first mentioned the ELI to me, my initial thought was that of skepticism. I'm a HR professional and in my line of work I've done many assessments that, to be honest, didn't result in significant value or produce information I wasn't already aware of. However, Alisha spoke so highly of the ELI. So I decided to give it a try primarily because it appeared this was a different kind of exercise in self-discovery centered on energy, which was new to me.

The first thing I noticed that impressed me was the nature of the questions while completing the assessment. They really demanded that you not only be honest but truly reflect on how you would respond to certain situations. When the results were received and Alisha went through them with me, this is where I really saw the benefits.

In my experience, it is rare to hone in on the type of energy you have, and how this can work for or against you. It was an eye-opening experience to understand what drives my perceptions, feelings and actions. More importantly, the highlight for me was digesting how I can potentially shift my behaviours and also learn how to respond, not to react to stressors in my life.

Ultimately, I believe the information the ELI offers is something that is applicable in everyday life. Understanding one's own energy has numerous benefits. Chief among them is the power to change and improve habits and patterns that do not serve you well, and capitalize on those that do. I highly recommend the ELI to any person who is open-minded and willing to dig deep and explore themselves in a way that they haven't ever done before. The results are refreshing and are relevant in both personal and professional contexts".  ~ Paula Parekh

"I consider myself a self-aware woman. So when I decided I wanted to be a better version of myself, I was surprised to realize I didn't actually know HOW. Alisha introduced me to the ELI exercise, and not to exaggerate, it changed my MIND (and by extension my LIFE).

This index broke down my attitude and my thought process in a way that I could CLEARLY see what damage I was doing to myself. Immediately I could understand why my outlook on life was sabotaging my progress!

I worked with Alisha to identify which of my values in life I wanted to focus on, and then used information from the ELI to help transform the way I looked at myself. For the first time in my life I have a blue print for my mental health and my personal growth. Whenever I get off track, the ELI has become impartial solid information I can rely on to set me straight." ~ Simone Brown