The One

You never imagined that you'd still be single. So many of your friends are married and have kids. Despite wanting a family life of your own, it hasn't yet worked out for you in that department and you wonder if it ever will.

Even though other areas of your life are going well, the fact that you're not in a relationship overshadows the good things and you're just not as happy about your life as you'd like to be. You can't help but feel like something's wrong with you - why else are you still stuck on the sidelines when everyone else seems to be in the game?

You're sick of feeling this way and even though you have no idea how to feel better, you know (or at least you really, really hope) that there's a way that you can start to embrace being single and begin to love yourself and your life.

This is for you because:

  • You want to go from viewing yourself as lacking, unchosen and unlucky because you're single to really embracing and loving who you are and where you are right now.
  • You're a single lady anywhere on the spectrum from wanting to find a life partner to being pretty sure that you don't want to be in a long-term committed relationship, but you're struggling with feeling confident in this choice in this "couply" world we live in.

It's time to realize that the one you've been waiting for to change your life is you!

You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the hidden thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to your negative feelings about being single and about yourself
  • Challenge those thoughts and beliefs and start shifting away from them
  • Learn keys to confidence and figure out how to start applying them to your life
  • Increase your love and respect for the most important person in your life...YOU!
  • Figure out what you actually want in your it love, marriage and the baby carriage or something else entirely?
  • Create action plans that will help you to get more of the things that you want in your life
  • Find a sense of contentment and excitement with where you are right now rather than spending all of your energy stressing about the future and worrying that you'll never find somebody or that you'll never be happy

Duration: 3 months

BONUS: The Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief are included with this package. We'll start off our journey together with this powerful process!

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